Judaism rejects zionism

judaism rejects zionism

Zionists used the Auslosung to install a regime that has much in common with the German Nazi regime: the idea of a GREATER Israel, ultra-nationalism and militarism; repression;  terrorizing a population; systematic humilation; daily dehumanization; systematic prosecution and arbitrary detention; systematic torture; systematic murder of resistance leaders; arbitrary revenge attacks on civilians; destruction of a people’s culture; arbitrary violence against civilians; creation of ghettos; occupation for reasons of  so called ‘self-defense’ ; a daily and worlwide war propaganda; disinformation campaigns; an accumulation of lies; faith in ‘Gott und Fatherland’; the belief in a strong leader; bombardements of innocent civilians, schools, hospitals, infrastructure; an extreme far right ideology; the belief in a superior race and a chosen people that has the right to rule the world; all in favor of banks and industry,)
And  all this is done with the cooperation of the Western ‘democratic’ leaders and the United Nations Security Council…

Nazism – Zionism – The Jewish Problem – The Palestinian Problem


Nazism, Zionism and Deportation
The Madagascar Plan was a proposal of the Nazi government of Germany to relocate the Jewish population of Europe to the island of Madagascar. Franz Rademacher, head of the Jewish Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Nazi government, proposed the idea in June 1940, shortly before France’s defeat in the Battle of France. The proposal called for the handing over of Madagascar, then a French colony, to Germany as part of the French surrender terms.
The idea of deporting Polish Jews to Madagascar was investigated by the Polish government in 1937, but the task force sent to evaluate the island’s potential determined that only 5,000 to 7,000 families could be accommodated, or even as few as 500 families by some estimates. As efforts by the Nazis to encourage emigration of the Jewish population of Germany were only partially successful, the idea of deporting Jews to Madagascar was revived by the Nazi government in 1940.


Israel’s hard-line prime minister, Ariel Sharon, has ordered his intelligence chiefs and defence forces to prepare a secret plan to drive “hundreds of thousands” of Palestinians out of the West Bank. They would be deported to the no-man’s land in southern Lebanon. The area is a desolate landscape with freezing conditions in winter and broiling temperatures in summer. There is scant soil to produce food. Water is also scarce in the region.

Gaza: Testimonies from AlShifa hospital

Testimonies from AlShifa hospital

Hassan Abu Saleem, a two – year kid from Jabalia refugee camp in the northern #gaza   Strip, was sleeping on his aunt’s arm, when shrapnel of an #israeli   missile came from the window and hit his head causing a partial skull fracture.
His mother, Sherieen Abu Saleem, 26, who was silently sitting beside little Hassan’s bed said ,” Hassan is my only child, I suffered a lot until he came, I miscarried twice and I lost a baby girl before he was born.”
Sherieen expressed her joy as Hassan woke up, ate and drank few minutes before meeting her,” Doctors were concerned about his case, but luckily he woke up and spoke to me ” Hassan’s family live in east Jabalia near the border zone.

Monjed Abu sharar – https://plus.google.com/u/0/+MonjedAbusharar/posts/GfKbJufUh4x



Netanyahu and his friends are ‘proud’ – N. in Norway (a member of NATO): ‘Ladies and gentlemen, my friends, never forget — America and Israel stand for life. We stand together on the right side of the moral divide. We stand together on the right side of history. (Applause.) So stand tall, stand strong, stand proud’.