Syria: Censorship Google (1)

Dec 10th, 2016

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Dec 10th, 2016
Dec 10th, 2016 – New attack on Raqqa by US-led coalition causes a massacre – My response to Timothy W.: ‘Their plan is to create destruction and chaos in Syria’ – Google+: ‘There was a problem updating your comment. Please try again’
Dec 9th, 2016
SYRIA: U.S – Turkey
Turkey is dispatching hundreds of more soldiers to neighboring Syria to reinforce its first major US-backed incursion of its conflict-ridden southern neighbor.
(‘Up to 300 elite Turkish commandos to enter Syria’: )
SYRIA: Problems with publishing
As a reminder: December 9th, 2012 – The US Is Openly Sending Heavy Weapons From Libya To Syrian Rebels
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Dec 9th, 2016

SYRIA: Problems with posts and comments… As a reminder: December 9th, 2012 – The US Is Openly Sending Heavy Weapons From Libya To Syrian Rebels (Google +: ‘There was a problem updating your comment’)
Dec 9th, 2016
SYRIA: Turkey sends 300 more troops to northern Syria
Turkish forces crossed into Syria on August 24 under the pretext of expelling ISIS from the border region but have cleared some 1,800 square kilometers (694 square miles) from not only ISIS, but also the Kurdish-led SDF.
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Dec 8th, 2016
SYRIA: Israel My post and comments about Israel’s involvement in the war on Syria were removed… ‘ And I couldn’t post anymore: ‘Your post was not shared. Please try again.’ – ‘There was a problem updating your comment’ 1) Dec 7th, 2016 – Israel Launches Airstrikes on Military Airport in Damascus – U.N. and western governments keep silent… 2) Sept 17th, 2016 – U.S., Israel Launch Airstrikes On Syrian Government Forces – Directly Supporting ISIS And Al-Qaeda 3) Aug 23th, 2016 – Israeli think tank: ‘Don’t destroy ISIS; it’s a useful tool against Iran, Hezbollah, Syria’ 4) June 28th, 2016 – Israel And Turkey Strike Deal That Would Secure Control Of Syrian Oil 5) April 17th, 2016 – Netanyahu: ‘Golan Heights Will Forever Remain in Israel’s Hands’… 6) Dec 9th, 2014 – Israel Bombs Syria For Fifth Time in 18 Months, Gives Arms, Medical Aid to Terrorist Gangs
Photo: Obama dinner with the directors of Google, Facebook,

European enlargement: Crimea, Ukraine,

european enlargement.
As a reminder:
– CRIMEAN WAR – 1853 – 1856
Location: Black Sea, Crimean Peninsula, Balkans
Sides: Russia v Great Britain, France, Ottoman Empire, Kingdom of Sardinia
Armies: Russia – 710,000 of which 220,000 died.
Allies – 1,000,000 of which between 350,000 and 375,000 died.
– CRIMEAN WAR – 1941 – 1942