SYRIA: Google censorship ?



September 11th, 2013

SANA – Syrian Arab News Agency – وكالة الانباء السورية


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December 13th, 2016


Syria: Turkish occupation of northern Syria. The U.N. keeps silent…
Turkey is dispatching hundreds of more soldiers to neighboring Syria to reinforce its first major US-backed incursion of its conflict-ridden southern neighbor. (Syrian Press Agency Sana)
Cooperation between India and Syria: Many Indian companies interested in housing and construction participated in the reconstruction exhibition which was held in September 2016 in Syria. (Sana)
Iraq-Syria: Our heart is with the children
Syria: humanitarian aid
Dec 9th, 2016 – Terrorism is main cause of humanitarian crisis and combating it demands cooperation with Syrian government – Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari reiterated that terrorism is the main reason behind the suffering of the Syrian people and that combating it requires cooperation with the Syrian government. He was addressing United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) session on Thursday where a draft resolution was proposed on humanitarian aid delivery. Read:
Syria: humanitarian aid
Dec 8th, 2016 – Russian aid distributed to displaced people and martyrs’ families in Maaraba, Damascus Countryside –
Syria: China condemns terrorist attack on Russian mobile hospital in Aleppo
Dec 8th, 2016 – China condemned on Thursday the terrorist attack that targeted a Russian mobile hospital in Aleppo city last Monday. “We condemn and oppose these attacks and attacks on civilians, civilian targets and aid workers during armed clashes,” said the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang in a press conference in Beijing, answering a question on Chinese reaction to the attack. He stressed that China’s stance on the crisis in Syria is clear. “We hope that all parties will adhere to cooperation with each other to avoid clashes and a humanitarian crisis,” he added. Terrorist organizations targeted last Monday with a rocket shell a Russian mobile hospital in al-Furqan neighborhood in Aleppo city. The attack killed two Russian medics. Read:
Syria: Chinese Envoy
Dec 8th, 2016 – Chinese Envoy for Syria: Political dialogue is the only solution in Syria, no double standards in fighting terrorism – China’s Special Envoy for Syria, Ambassador Xie Xiaoyan stressed Thursday that any final and proper solution to the crisis in Syria can only be reached through political dialogue and coming to solutions that take into account the interests of all sides. In a press conference held at Damascus-based Four Seasons Hotel, the Chinese Envoy said the Chinese side calls for pushing forward the political solution through four parallel tracks, fighting terrorism, ceasefire, delivering humanitarian assistance and the political process. Read:
Syria: Aleppo
Dec 8th, 2016 – President al-Assad: Failure of Western states and Turkey in the battle in Aleppo means failure of outside project and the transformation of the course of the war in Syria / Read:
Syria: humanitarian aid
Dec 7th, 2016 – Syrian Army helicopters deliver medicines provided by the WHO to ISIS-besieged Deir Ezzor city / Read:
Golan Heights Syria: UN resolution
Dec 7th, 2016 – New UN resolution demanding that Israel rescind its Golan annexation decision – The UN General Assembly (UNGA) reiterated demand that Israel comply with the Security Council resolutions, particularly resolution no. 497 for 1981 which declared Israel’s decision of 14 December 1981 to impose its laws and jurisdiction on the Syrian Golan as “null and void and without international legal effect”. During a session on Tuesday, the UNGA adopted a resolution titled “Occupied Syrian Golan” after it was endorsed by the Special Political and Decolonization Committee (the Fourth Committee). The resolution was adopted with 163 in favor out of 193 countries, 1 against (Israel), and a number of abstentions, including the US and Canada. The resolution called upon Israel to rescind its decision of annexing the occupied Golan, and to desist from changing the physical character, demographic composition, institutional structure and legal status of the occupied Syrian Golan, as these measures are null and void, asserting that all relevant provisions of the Regulations annexed to the Hague Convention of 1907, and the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, continued to apply to the Syrian territory occupied by Israel since 1967. It also called upon Israel to desist from imposing Israeli citizenship and identity cards on Syrian citizens and to stop its provocative measures against them. Read:
Syria: Israeli bombs – U.N. and western governments keep silence…
Dec 7th, 2016 – Israeli missiles hit near al-Mezzeh Airport in Damascus
Syria/Belarus: medical cooperation
Dec 6th, 2016 – Means of boosting health cooperation between Syria and Belarus, exchanging medicine and establishing joint investments were discussed during a meeting between Syrian Health Minister Nizar Yazigi’s and Belarus Deputy Health Minister, Valery Shevchuk.
Minister Yazigi said that the two sides’ cooperation aims at developing pharmaceutical industry, exchanging expertise and opening new markets in order to achieve high quality standards at suitable prices.The minister briefed the visiting delegation on the damage caused to the health sector by the terrorist attacks and the because of the unjust unilateral economic sanctions which hindered the importation of cancer drugs and other essential medicines, noting that the ministry has rehabilitated 3 hospitals and a number of health centers. Read:

All the links and pictures of the Syrian Press Agency don’t work anymore – Pictures have disappeared…



2 thoughts on “SYRIA: Google censorship ?

  1. Sep 17, 2013 – Google: ‘We Are Not Censoring The Syrian Arab News Agency’

    The Syrian Arab News Agency LogoThe Syrian Arab News Agency doesn’t show up in Google when you search for [Syrian Arab News Agency] but it does come up in Bing when you search for [Syrian Arab News Agency].
    Why? Is Google censoring the Syrian news web site because of what is going on between the United States of America and Syria? Nah.
    Google’s Distinguished Engineer, Matt Cutts, spotted the rumors in a Hacker News thread and said Google is absolutely not blocking or censoring the The Syrian Arab News Agency. In fact, he said since August, Google has had a hard to indexing the site, as if The Syrian Arab News Agency is maybe blocking Google intentionally or unintentionally.
    Matt Cutts said in the thread:
    I asked the crawl/indexing team about this, and it looks like hasn’t let Google crawl the site since August. It’s unclear whether it’s deliberate vs. something like timeouts. So it’s nothing on Google’s side. No webspam-related issues or anything like that, either.
    Why is Bing and DuckDuckGo able to index the site? That is a good question. It makes me think that the agency specifically is blocking Google and not other search engines.
    Matt Cutts did add:
    In fact, if were to register for Google’s free webmaster console at , then they would have gotten automatic alert emails regarding the high level of errors we get when trying to crawl the site.


  2. Google Chrome Help Forum!msg/chrome/wmNpXtFtFf4/x0sm01rXBwAJ

    I have some problems with Google
    door Tom Jacobs bis 7 jul.

    I have some problems with Google (link:

    1) Anil Kumar P K zei:
    Hi Tom Jacobs bis,

    You mean having problem accessing the site on Google Chrome?

    This website does not supply any Identity or Ownership information.

    Did you get any security or certificate related error messages?


    2) Cat-Friend zei:
    Hello Tom

    Thanks for your message. The Link you provided works fine here.
    Please check if the same problem occurs when you use anther Browser (IE/Edge/Firefox). In this case, you should check your Internet Connection. Otherwise, please follow the Basic Troubleshooting Steps in this Guide.

    Please let me know if this helps.
    Kind regards, Cat-Friend

    Remark 14 12 2016

    The link to the Syrian News Agency Sana that I was giving up to the Google Help Forum is working again and I can visit the Sana website again:

    Cooperation in investment and trade exchange between Syria and Brazil discussed

    June 28th, 2016 – Damascus, SANA- Director General of the Syrian Investment Agency (SIA) Dr. Inas al-Omawi discussed with charge d’affaires of the Brazilian Embassy in Damascus Achilles Zaluar and the accompanying delegation ways of enhancing bilateral cooperation between Syria and Brazil in trade, business and joint investments.

    Al-Omawi reviewed investment opportunities and the proposed fields to invest in energy, renewable energy, reconstruction requirements and other sectors, pointing at the same time the depth of the economic relations between the two friendly countries especially in trade exchange.

    Al- Omawi said that the proposed investment areas include the project of implementing electro solar generating station with capacity of 5 MW in Hasia area, adding that the other projects are in agriculture, industry and transport sectors, noting that the SIA aims through its work at searching for new partners from friendly countries, including the BRICS group and preparation of a complete investment map.

    For his part, the Brazilian charge d’affaires pointed out the long history of strong political and economic relations between the two countries, noting at the same time that many Brazilian businessmen were unable to pursue their economic activities and investment in Syria due to the sanctions imposed on it by some countries since the beginning of the crisis.

    Zaluar said that the two countries have to join efforts and work together along with businesses and chambers of commerce to prepare for the return of Syria to normal and the start of reconstruction and development projects, infrastructure, agriculture, transport, construction, and building roads, affirming that many Brazilian companies are able to invest in the mentioned fields.

    Zaluar pointed out the need to publish information about opportunities and the Syrian investment map for the companies wishing to invest in Syria to know these opportunities, noting the importance of meeting between businessmen in Brazil with their counterparts in Syria in addition to the SIA in order to save time and effort when implementing any new investments.

    Qabas/ Manal



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