Judaism rejects zionism

judaism rejects zionism

Zionists used the Auslosung to install a regime that has much in common with the German Nazi regime: the idea of a GREATER Israel, ultra-nationalism and militarism; repression;  terrorizing a population; systematic humilation; daily dehumanization; systematic prosecution and arbitrary detention; systematic torture; systematic murder of resistance leaders; arbitrary revenge attacks on civilians; destruction of a people’s culture; arbitrary violence against civilians; creation of ghettos; occupation for reasons of  so called ‘self-defense’ ; a daily and worlwide war propaganda; disinformation campaigns; an accumulation of lies; faith in ‘Gott und Fatherland’; the belief in a strong leader; bombardements of innocent civilians, schools, hospitals, infrastructure; an extreme far right ideology; the belief in a superior race and a chosen people that has the right to rule the world; all in favor of banks and industry,)
And  all this is done with the cooperation of the Western ‘democratic’ leaders and the United Nations Security Council…

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