Belgium: protests against the government

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Belgium: Strike in Antwerp, Limburg, Hainault, Luxembourg Provinces… Services and industry will be disrupted today as the trades unions stage provincial protests against the government’s austerity programme. Meanwhile, one of the big rail unions has announced plans to strike for 24 hours on 11 December.
The wind-down started in the port of Antwerp on Sunday. At 5pm pilots commenced industrial action as part of the regional day of action. Navigation also came to a standstill in the ports of Ghent and Zeebrugge.

Some 33 ships were preparing to leave Antwerp with a further 30 ready to sail into Flemish ports.

2 thoughts on “Belgium: protests against the government

  1. Belgian strike paralyzes Antwerp port

    BRUSSELS — Trade unions have opened a month of intermittent strike action by paralyzing the port of Antwerp and slowing train traffic through much of Belgium.

    Monday’s protest action targeted measures by the nation’s business-friendly government to cut into employees’ income, extend working time and restrict social services.

    On their first of three Mondays of regional strikes, the unions targeted Antwerp, with Europe’s second biggest port, and made sure no ships could enter of leave the docks. Port workers have been particularly angered by measures to extend the start of pensions by two years.

    Port worker Frank Verhulst complained it would force them to work until the age of 67. “But it is a very hard job here,” he said.

    Labor action is to culminate in a nationwide strike on Dec. 15.



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